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What You'll Get

Full Size Night Cream • Travel-Size Cleansing Balm • Travel-Size Day Cream • Radiant Face Serum Sample • Soothing Eye Cream Sample • Haoma Tote
A $200 value for $110.

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Night Cream

soothing + calming

overnight cellular repair

promotes collagen production


Night Cream

Day Cream

evens skin tone

protects against free-radicals

blocks blue light from digital devices


Day Cream

Cleansing Balm

hydrating + clarifying

lifts out impurities

balances the skin’s natural oils


Cleansing Balm

Eye Cream

smoothes + tones

nourishes delicate tissue

reduces the appearance of fine lines


Eye Cream

Face Serum

firms + brightens

immediate visible results

minimizes fine lines 


Face Serum

Canvas Tote

Made in the USA

100% natural cotton

Individually cut + hand sewn


Canvas Tote

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$200  $110 — Buy Now

How To Use

STEP 1 — Cleansing balm

Massage directly onto dry face and neck. Wipe off with a warm, wet cloth.

STEP 2 — Face serum

Massage 3-6 drops onto the face and neck.

STEP 3 — Eye Cream

Gently tap a small amount around the eyes with your ring finger.

STEP 4 — Day Cream

Apply a small amount to the face and neck in the morning.

STEP 5 — Night Cream

Apply a small amount the the face and neck in the evening.


“Whoa! SO captivated by these amazing offerings by Haoma. I am obsessed with the temple balm, serum, have tried samples of other t...
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hings and they are all of exceptional quality. Not to mention I have their radio going constantly!! Just ordered the soap - I guess, you can say I’m addicted.” Hide

Celina C. — Nashville, tn

“I’m only a week into using the Night Cream (and free samples of the Day Cream and Face Serum that came with it) and I can already...
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see and feel a very pleasing difference in skin tone and health.” Hide

Luke D. — colorado springs

“I have the most SENSITIVE SKIN, ever … literally! I got a small sample of the Cleansing Balm while buying makeup and fell in love...
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. I reordered and added the Day Cream - another home run!” Hide

Jenna M. — Dension, TX

“I have been using the entire HAOMA line for about 6 months now … and I’m hooked! It has become my morning ritual and I cringe at ...
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the thought of a day without.” Hide

Bobby J. — Austin TX

“From the branding and design, to packaging, to the products themselves, Haoma goes above and beyond in all the elements to bring ...
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forth incredible quality that leaves an impression. The face serum goes perfectly with my morning routine, leaving my skin feeling moisturized and healthy, and works amazing with the rest of their line. A natural must-have to treat yourself and your skin.” Hide

Chanelle G. — Lahaina, HI

“From someone who has spent thousands of dollars on skincare, trying everything from medical to organic products... I have never f...
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ound a moisturizer that just works perfectly for my skin. I’ve suffered from acne, eczema, and rosacea... my skin being very sensitive I have an issue with even organic products being too harsh. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in the texture and overall appearance of my skin. Waking up my skin feels hydrated, appears glowy, less red, and much happier. Worth every penny!” Hide

Lauren S. — Venice, CA