The Body is For The World a Work of Art From The Earth
Unisex and Unifying
Transcendent Care
for the
Divine Self
Haoma is a movement
of beauty and abundance,
inclusivity and communion.

Grounded in the belief
that the human connection
to nature is key to wellness,
it is our mission to explore
the vital relationship
between humans and plants.

The Haoma Skincare Series
explores this connection
through the lens of science

each collection focuses on
a new adaptogenic plant ingredient
to create a cohesive wellness universe
that nourishes the body,
inside and out.

The Haoma Journal
explores this connection
though the lens of spirit

celebrating inspiring humans who
take the human + Nature relationship
to unexpected places
in art and life.

More than anything,
we want to keep
learning and growing,
while sharing the knowledge
we gather along the way.

Everything Is The Same
Until It Isn't
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