Founded on the
Belief That Plants Hold
For The World The Transformative Ability to
Heal and Nourish The Human
Body, Mind, and Spirit.
From The Earth
Humans + plants share a deep symbiosis,
one that encompasses both scientific
and sacred realms.
Interested in this transformative relationship,
we began a deep exploration of
sacred plants throughout history,
leading us to the lost haoma.
We call it lost because the botanical identity of this divine plant remains a mystery. early religious texts exalt its stimulating, healing, and nourishing capabilities that, when ground and added to water, became the cornerstone of ancient ritual practices.
The profound effects of this plant — not to mention the reverence that it generated within the human psyche — perfectly encapsulates what is at the heart of Haoma. the mystery surrounding its identity reinforces the central question we are asking:
What Other Secrets
Do Plants Hold?