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A calming balm for both body and mind

This dual-action blend of soothing plant extracts can be used throughout the day to heal damaged skin and encourage a sense of focus and introspection. When used in the evening, it can help induce clarity in the dream state, especially when applied to the nine major pulse points.

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Cuticle and migraine saver. Relaxing aroma. Moisturizing power is sufficient for an after-shift ritual for my chef hands.

G.C. (Honolulu, HI)

Doesn't break me out!! Every night before bed I rub into my temple and along my jaw bone to release tension. I've tried a ton of ...
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different products but they either didn't work or they break me out. This is the only one on the market that relaxes me while helping my skin and not breaking me out. After a week I've already recommended it to 3 friends! Hide

Lily (Incline Village, NY)

Peace of mind. This definitely helps when I'm feeling a little anxious. I use it nightly since receiving it. I really like the sm...
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ell. Hide

Sandra (Seattle, WA)

Will definitely order again. Perfect for a temple massage but works wonders on my sore shoulder too! 👍🏼 👍🏼 👍🏼 👍🏼

Heidi G. (Madison, WI)

I'm always skeptical of CBD products but I'm implemented this before bed as part of a gua sha and facial reflexology routine. hel...
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ps me fall asleep much faster / encourages so much relaxation! Hide

Ashley B (Los Angeles, CA)

I love haoma products because they always feel like a ritual; everything from the packaging to the scents and application makes me...
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slow down and remember that taking care of myself is a sacred act. Hide

Kate W. (Los Angeles, CA)



Warm the desired amount of Temple Balm between fingers
in a slow, meditative fashion.

Apply to the nine major pulse points located
throughout the body for optimal relaxation:

1. Temples
2. Heart
3. Throat
4. Wrists
5. Inside the Elbows
6. Behind the Knees
7. Groin
8. Ankles
9. Feet