An Intangible Garden

Step Inside Olive Ardizoni's Green-House

by Mark "Frosty" McNeill

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Click on the audio player above to stroll through the garden.

In the Thai Town neighborhood of Los Angeles, there’s an apartment radiating especially good vibes. It’s a compact space with inviting mid-century modern furniture, glistening crystals scattered about, and racks of neatly stacked synthesizers. The tranquil atmosphere is grounded by a happy family of houseplants soaking in the soft sounds humming through the air. The lush tones flow from Olive Ardizoni, whose recording debut as Green-house, Six Songs for Invisible Gardens, is out now on Leaving Records. The non-binary artist, who was inspired by their own energetic exchange with plant life, finds freedom in the expansive potential of ambient music and created Green-House to sonically soothe environmental stressors.

"This music is giving space for vision and imagination. It's really the garden of your mind, an intangible garden." - Olive Ardizoni